Just ReleasedStop Driving Leads, Start Driving Revenue:
A Practical Guide

A step-by-step guide to transform your marketing organization from "just" generating leads to consistently driving opportunities and revenue to grow your business.

Guide Contents

Many marketers in lead-based businesses are working hard everyday to generate as many leads as they can, but don't really know if those leads are ever turning into sales. These marketers struggle to prove the ROI of their marketing activities, set realistic goals, and optimize their programs to generate the right types of leads that turn into opportunities and revenue.

We wrote this guide to give these marketers the step-by-step instructions on how to set up their measurement system to effectively track the performance of their leads through the sales process. And, once the light has been turned on, we outline how to develop a complete demand generation system that delivers the leads their business needs to grow.

The 5 Steps The Guide Covers Are:
  • Installing a closed-loop measurement system
  • Creating modeling that allows you to understand your business from a sales/revenue perspective
  • Defining all marketing audiences
  • Developing a comprehensive communication strategy for each audience
  • Continually reporting on, analyzing and optimizing the system

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We have pioneered new marketing services and technology solutions that reorient all marketing activities to be judged on clearly visible business results. We work with a broad range of business-to-business and lead-based clients that we enjoy partnering with and who appreciate and value the impact we have on their business.

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"I have worked with Integrous for more than five years and they are incredible. They are expert advisors on helping us plan and execute digital lead generation programs that significantly contribute to the attainment of revenue objectives.

"They take extra steps to ensure our messages efficiently reach the right audiences. What I value most is their constant attention to the metrics as well as their expertise on sales and marketing tools which are the backbone of our business."

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"I worked with Josiah on several projects while at The Planet. Josiah brings a metrics driven approach to planning and served as an advisor for not just what we should do from a media perspective, but how we should evaluate its effectiveness. Added to which, he's easy to work with and thoughtful in his recommendations."

Urvish Vashi, VP Marketing
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"We recently started working with Integrous Marketing. From the onset I have been extremely impressed with Josiah's knowledge of the digital media world and how traditional and new media work together. He delivers sound media and business strategy to each plan. I have complete trust in his work and look forward to working with Integrous on many successful marketing programs."

Elaine Hammer, Managing Partner
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